Saturday, October 26, 2013

Prayer Letter - October 2013

Just when you think your ministry has reached a plateau, the Lord opens another door of service. You will never hear me complaining about that. My hairdresser, who was saved at our Ladies’ Christmas Banquet last year, asked me to start a weekly ladies’ Bible study in her home. Please pray for this precious lady, and for the opportunity for us to serve the Lord together.

Radio Compasión (Compassion Radio) celebrated its First Anniversary on September 4, with an overflow attendance. The men put a tent outside the door, and with the loud speakers, no one missed the service and the message. We are already reaching into Central America.  Please pray for the Lord to provide the money to purchase the transmitter for the new tower addition to the network of Compassion Radio Ministry, located on top of Tzontehuitz Mountain.  I’m no technician by anyone’s standards, but I understand this will extend the broadcasting capacity to double, reaching many more states in México, and even further into Central America. This 24-hour a day ministry is bringing new people into almost every service. My son Tommy has trained a young man in our church, and he has almost completely taken over this amazing ministry.

I love my home, and hate having to leave, even for a few days. But I can’t deny the pleasure it gives me as a missionary/mother to be invited by my children to participate in their ministries. Going to Ixtapa once a month and teaching the ladies’ Sunday school class in Ulises and Elizabeth’s church is such an honor for me.

Philip and Liz are now in Xalapa, Veracruz. Xalapa is a beautiful college town, where Ulises obtained his degree as an architect. But it is also needy for the Gospel. Please pray that the Lord will open the door for them to begin a solid work there.

Our monthly Ladies’ Prayer Breakfasts are mainly for the purpose of praying for the special ladies who will be honored at the Christmas Banquet in November. But the Lord also gives us surprise blessings each month. The mother of Erica, a young lady who died of cancer right after getting saved at our Banquet three years ago, was there for the first time. Please pray for Margarita to soon accept Jesus as her Savior.

Wilber was ordained a couple of weeks ago. He is the young man whom I mentioned in my last prayer letter. The Lord has laid it on his and his wife, Jessica’s hearts to start a new work about two hours from here.

We are in count-down mode as it is about a month away from our annual Ladies’ Christmas Banquet, November 22. Lots to do, but everything seems to fall into place every year in time for this special event. Please keep that evening in your prayers.

I know I’ll have to edit some things out of this letter, because of its length, but it won’t be our service last Sunday. As part of Tommy’s birthday celebration, he invited the orphans who participate in our Banquet every year. Their pastor preached, and shared the tragic, incredible stories of some of the children. I listened through tears and was moved beyond words at the amazing work Pastor Carlos and his wife, Yara are doing with these precious children. I certainly want to have a part in this fruitful ministry.

Thank you for having a part in mine.
Billie Sloan

Nahum 1:7

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