Monday, November 17, 2014

Prayer Letter - October 2014

We have just entered the fall season; and like the seasons of the year, our lives also change seasons. We have seasons of sorrow, and seasons of joy; we experience seasons of draught and seasons of plenty. In whatever season you may find yourself this morning, I pray the Lord will be Near and Dear to you.

Besides the birth of my fortieth grandbaby, Isaac Joel, born on September 5 to Steve and Ruthie Miller, (which was the happiest event of my past two months since I wrote to you,) were the spiritual births I was privileged to witness with the ladies from our Saturday morning soul winning group. We were even able to witness to a group of Muslims while looking for…of all things…Jewish people.

Our ladies have been putting an emphasis on witnessing “to the Jew first.” This inspiration came when I attended an Israel Conference in Ixtapa, August 16 and 17, where my son in law, Ulises Martínez, invited Bro. Samuel Esquivel to speak. His messages challenged us to focus on witnessing to God’s chosen people, and indeed He has blessed our soul winning efforts since we began “looking for Jews.”

One of my favorite times of the week is Friday mornings. Besides getting to spend special time with my son, Tommy, I enjoy speaking on a live broadcast, focused on the lady listeners. We get in his pickup so he can drive me home, and even before he starts the motor sometimes I get phone calls in response to the broadcast I just made. The day after my last broadcast, while waiting for my ride in front of the post office, I gave a tract to a very well dressed lady. She smiled and said, “I’m a Christian. I have Jesus in my heart.” And then she asked, “Are you the lady who preaches on the radio?” She recognized my voice, and I said, “Well, I teach ladies.” What a unique ministry God gave to my son. We will probably never know all the results this side of eternity. I am thankful to have a very small part in the vision God gave my son several years ago. Compassion Radio just celebrated their second year of broadcasting on August 17.

I hope you are praying for our 16th annual Ladies’ Christmas Banquet, which will take place on November 21. It is a blessing to see most of the ladies in our church as they are getting involved in the many projects formed to bring about this special event. Since they are working in teams, it’s exciting to see how creative they are. It’s amazing to discover the many hidden talents in our church…just another aspect of this evangelistic outreach ministry.

I thank you for being a special part of my life and my ministry.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan

Nahum 1:7