Monday, October 31, 2016

Prayer Letter - October 2016

I wish I could tell you that the past two months have been the most wonderful ones of my life. I could, except for the heartaches they have brought: the death of my dear friend, Peggy; a five year old diagnosed with leukemia; a telephone call from the wife of a man who just walked out on his family. I just returned from visiting a young mother who was saved four years ago after attending our ladies’ Christmas banquet. She and her husband travel to Mexico City on the bus twice a month for her chemotherapy. But Dali loves the Lord, and she loves the lost. Several weeks ago, during one of her hospital stays, she sent me a message asking me to send her the Scriptures of the plan of Salvation. I did, and the next day she sent me a picture of her and the lady she won to the Lord, who is also a cancer victim. Oh, by the way, my Thursday ladies’ Bible class was started in her home because of her desire to see her lost friends saved. Will you please pray for my precious friend?

On September 19, my husband and I would have celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary. He is in Heaven, but he was in my thoughts that day, and my mind went back to the romantic candlelight ceremony that made me Tom Sloan’s wife! His passion was taking in young Indian boys, winning them to the Lord, and training them for the ministry.  Joel Gregorio, was one of those boys who lived with us, was saved, surrendered to the ministry, married a wonderful young woman, and has started several works about 5 hours from here. They came to San Cristobal a couple of months ago, because of some complications during his wife’s pregnancy.  On August 27, Zaremi gave birth to their third child, born two months prematurely. The doctors told Joel that his wife would probably go into a coma during delivery, or have a stroke. Joel wept as I hugged him, and tried to comfort him. Imagine his joy, when the nurse came out after baby Gabriel arrived, and told him his wife was awake! The days following were ups and downs for both Zaremi and their little boy. Five days later, there were several complications, and we thought she wouldn’t make it. Hundreds of prayers went up for her all around the world. I believe God was moved, because two weeks later Gabriel and his mother were finally home together. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

On the day of Gabriel’s birth, there were 3 people saved during our ladies’ monthly visit to the Nursing Home. It was my joy to lead Don Manuel to the Lord!

In the month of August, I was honored to get to speak 9 times in a three-day ladies’ conference in the little town of Zumpango del Rio, Guerrero. What royal treatment I received from Pastor Mario Clemente and his wife, Noemi! This is a village work, and unpaved roads led up to the little church building on a hillside. I fell in love with those precious people! I also got to fellowship with Missionary Nathan Patterson, and his wife, Apolonia and their three children.

After my return, I spent a week in Ixtapa, and it was such a joy to see how the ministry of Ulises and my daughter, Elizabeth has grown, not only in attendance in the churches, but also to see the new works that have been started since my visit in December. The day they came for me, during lunch, Ulises gave me the surprising news that they have surrendered their lives to be missionaries in Israel. While I have mixed emotions…no mother enjoys being separated from her children…I feel honored that God chose my children to minister to His chosen people. Please pray for them, as Ulises is preparing men to take over the works that he has started, and as they do deputation. And pray for me!

Excitement is at an all-time high, as November 18, the date of our Ladies’ Christmas banquet is rushing toward us. What started out as a burden that God put in my heart 17 years ago to reach ladies in prominent positions, has blossomed into a delightful ministry involving almost every member of our church. I couldn’t do this without them, and although God receives all the glory for the ladies who have been reached, humanly speaking, I couldn’t do this without you…your prayers and your financial support. 

A special feature on the program will be recognizing Baby Gabriel, and 9 more precious little ones whose lives God has spared, including a baby who underwent open-heart surgery. The mother of another one of these babies was told shortly after delivery that he would not survive. Distraught, she asked to be left alone. She told the Lord, “I’m going to stop asking you to save my baby. I give him to you right now. And if you choose to take him,     I’ll
keep on believing.” Is it any wonder that this is the theme for this year’s banquet? Oh, by the way, God spared her baby’s life.

Have a good time enjoying God’s blessings today, and just “keep on believing!”

Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7