Friday, June 14, 2013

Prayer Letter - June 2013

Words fail me to express the joy I feel this afternoon to be writing this from my beloved home in Chiapas. After two months of traveling, I am finally home! One more trip to Chicago, and I’m through traveling for this year!

I never want to turn into a grumpy old lady, always complaining about my lot in life. So, although I got tired and weary…and homesick…during the months of April and May, I must emphasize the blessings I received while I was away. Where do I start?

Well, first of all, two personal blessings: within a week, during the month of April, I received the happy news that I have the births of two little grandbabies to look forward to in the coming months: David and Jolene are expecting their 5th baby, and Philip and Liz will be blessed with their fourth little one. Personally, I’m praying for girls this time, since I have 20 grandsons, and only 17 granddaughters.

Since my April letter, I have spoken 32 times in various ladies’ meetings:  Chaparral, NM, where my son, Joel and his wife, Margaret serve. The little apartment behind their house literally provided an “oasis in the desert” during my travels. Then it was on to the Dallas area, where I spoke to the ladies in Bro. Francisco Mendoza’s church. His wife, Jessica, and the ladies there treated me royally. While I was there, I was honored to get to attend Open Door Baptist Church, and see Pastor Robert Ross and his sweet wife, Cathe. I was invited to speak to their teen girls that afternoon.

I got to attend the Missions’ Conference in Immanuel Baptist Church in Decatur, TX, where I enjoyed fellowshipping with Pastor and Mrs. Horton, and the precious members there. A few days later, I flew to Guadalajara to speak in a Conference for Bro. Bob Murillo, and his sweet wife, Joy. My brother Tommy Ashcraft was one of the speakers. Although our visit was very brief, it was one of the highlights of my trip.

A new experience for me was the interview via Skype by missionary wife, Laura Consford. She and her husband, Joe, are missionaries in Africa.  It was fun getting to relate to her my experiences from over fifty years of living on the mission field. This is a very unique online ministry called “Missionary on Fire.” (You can listen to that interview or read it by clicking here.)

There were two ladies saved where I spoke for Silvia Campana in Ciudad Juárez on May 10; and during my travels, I was able to personally counsel with three ladies from different churches. The unusual and blessed thing about that is that all three ladies took my advice, and I was able to see changes in their relationships.

I had so much fun in Haines City, Florida, where I spoke to ladies in Pastor Jorge Armendáriz’ Church. His wife, Karina drove me to the lovely house where I stayed, and enjoyed living in the lap of luxury during my visit there. I got to meet Karen Gaudette, the other speaker, and we stayed there together, and had as much fun as a couple of teenagers.

To end my trip, I flew to Mexico City, where beautiful Rosie Ramírez and a lady from her church picked me up at the airport, and drove me through the rain to Cuernavaca. She and her husband, Pastor Alejandro Ramírez outdid themselves catering to all my needs. My daughter, Ruthie joined me there; and I was able to see my friend, Francie Taylor, who was also a speaker, and meet her beautiful young friend, Cindy.

What a blessing it is to serve the Lord…all of us in so many, many different ways.

Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7