Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prayer Letter - June 2016

I was up this morning at 4:30, and took out coffee and sweet bread to the church across my driveway, for the group of faithful men who come to pray at 5:00 every Wednesday morning. Their special time of prayer is for a pastor…the pastor whom God would choose for our Church. But the three men who are the leaders are doing a wonderful job. I’ve heard many comments from neighboring pastors, and visiting missionaries, about the incredible way this work has grown under the leadership of these three Godly laymen.

I had a fun two weeks in Chaparral, NM, with my son, Joel and daughter in law, Margaret and my two granddaughters, during the month of April. It was an honor to get to speak to their ladies’ Sunday school classes…first to the English speaking service, and then to the Hispanic Sunday school. These two congregations keep my children busy.

Back home, I resumed my weekly ladies’ radio program, which I teach live over the phone.  On the 23rd, I was invited to speak to a ladies’ dinner at a church in a neighboring town. Two days later, I flew to Mérida, Yucatán, where I joined two of my daughters and their families, to participate in the Mission Conference where Bro. Danny Ward, his son in law, Jared Miskovic and Bro. Jason Thomas have a thriving work. During that Conference, it was a joy to see three church members surrender to be missionaries. On the 28th, my daughters and I were honored to speak at their Mother-Daughter Banquet.

On April 30 in México, we celebrate Children’s Day. The following day, Sunday, we had 180 children present. The men spread a tent on the other side of my house, and thankfully, it didn’t rain until after the services! I had 12 new ladies…mothers of some of those children…in my Sunday school class. This is a result of our bus route started a few months ago.

When I gave the invitation at our Mother-Daughter Banquet here in our church, one mother lifted her hand for Salvation.

At our April and May Prayer Breakfasts, three ladies were saved: a member of a former mayor’s family; and two military wives. Last Sunday morning, a former mayor’s wife attended.

There is an Indian lady in our church who has prayed for many years for God to save her family from her village. Last week, her brother called her at 1:00 in the morning, and said, “I’m ready to get saved now.”  She won him, and an elderly couple, close to 100 years old, to the Lord. The lady said in her native dialect, “I can’t go to Heaven. I can’t read, and I don’t even know Spanish.”  My friend explained to her that she surely could. And she did. How precious! But how sad that she didn’t hear the Gospel before she is nearing the end of her life!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support, helping to reach people just like these precious Indians who now have a home in Heaven.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan

Nahum 1:7