Monday, October 26, 2015

Prayer Letter - October 2015

I know that Titus 2:4 teaches me that I, as an aged woman, should be a teacher of young women. That’s what I try to do, whether I’m with my daughters and daughters in law; teaching my Sunday school class; or whether I’m speaking in Ladies’ Conferences. But honestly, they are the ones who teach me so much!

I returned home four days ago from one of the most unforgettable trips I’ve ever made since my husband went to Heaven almost eleven years ago. In fact, the date of my departure was on what would have been our 46th Wedding Anniversary. Just as I started a 35-year adventure with the most wonderful man I’ve ever known, I began another exciting adventure on September 19 of this year. I wish you had the time to hear all the blessings I enjoyed, and all the things I learned during my nine-day visit to the beautiful country of Panama. Needless to say, I got to visit the historical Panama Canal. But you can look that up on the internet and see what I saw. The joy of that trip was getting to see first-hand the different ministries of Bro. Franklin Booth, and fellowshipping with him and his lovely wife, Brenda, and their precious children, Jonathan, 17; David, 14; and Elizabeth, 10. I stayed in their home, and what a godly family they are!

I was privileged to speak 8 times during my visit: the ladies’ Sunday school class the two Sunday’s I was there; at a special meeting of twenty wives of pastors and missionaries; and 5 times at their Ladies’ Retreat. Some of my children attended Oklahoma Baptist College with Bro. Franklin and Brenda in the ‘90’s. So they were excited that I got to make that trip.

Since my last prayer letter, there have been seven ladies saved in my different ministries. Two young people gave their lives to serve the Lord during a Youth outing in the church in Ixtapa, where my son in law, Ulises, pastors. One of those young men is my 11 year-old grandson, Andrew.  A man who has been attending our church for several months was saved and baptized.

There is great hope of a new work being started in a little town about an hour from San Cristóbal, through a lady in the church who invited me to speak to ladies there. This is her hometown, and I got to teach several ladies from her family. Three ladies were saved after my lesson.

I wish this letter could be all positive. But in reality, I’m sure every work has its valleys. Our church here has been without a pastor for several weeks now. Please pray for the men in the church, as they seek God’s will for another pastor. Thank you for sharing my burden.

Are you praying for our annual Ladies’ Christmas Banquet? November 20 is zooming toward us, and the ladies are working hard getting ready for this annual event, where we are expecting ladies to be saved, just like they have for the past sixteen years.

I am your friend.
Billie Sloan

Nahum 1:7

Prayer Request List for Ladies' Banquet

November 20, 2015

  1. Wisdom and discernment in all the plans and decisions to be made.

  1. Extra strength for the ladies and me as we plan and make preparations.

  1. For the wife of our City Mayor to be able to attend, as well as First Ladies of neighboring towns. We refer to ladies who are in positions of prominence as “First Ladies.”

  1. For the wives of the former mayors, military wives, wives of men on the police force, and pastors’ wives to be able to attend.  

  1. For extra finances for the cost of the Banquet.

  1. Preparation of the special music, and choice of each song.

  1. For our guest speaker, as he prepares his message for the evening, and for liberty as he preaches.                                

  1. For the Hotel staff to be reached with the Gospel.

  1. That the Lord would prepare the hearts of the ladies who will be attending, and for many to be saved, who will be an influence to others.  We have had ladies saved in every banquet for the past fourteen years, including four former First Ladies, three military wives, two ladies who have prominent positions in our city, and a policewoman.

Note:  This Banquet is an annual affair, and will be attended by ladies, who for the most part are unsaved, and who either because of religious preferences, or pressures from home, do not attend our Church.  The Lord laid these dear ladies on my heart several years ago, and I am as burdened for them as I am for the ladies in my Sunday School Class.

Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Prayer Letter - August 2015

Where has more than half of this year gone? Well, mine has gone very well, so far, thanks to the Lord’s mercies, which are new every morning.

I am going to share a “Mimi Moment” with you now: my son, Tommy called me several months ago to inform me that my 16 year-old granddaughter, Lydia Jean, had surrendered her life to the Lord to use her as He would see fit.  On June 2, my ten year-old granddaughter, Sophie, also surrendered to the Lord to serve Him with her life. She has started teaching a children’s class in one of their missions, and won two little girls to the Lord last Thursday. “Thank you, Lord, for Tommy and Mona, and Ulises and Elizabeth, who encourage their children to serve You.”

The Lord opened the door for several ladies from our Church to visit the nursing home here. I was touched by these dear, and sometimes forgotten older people, as I taught them the story of Simeon and Anna, and how they, too, could know the Lord Jesus as they did. About thirty-six years ago, I tried to get permission to simply go and read the Bible for thirty minutes a week in this same Nursing Home, and was refused by the mother superior. The head of the home now is one of our First Ladies (former mayor’s wife), and we have perfect liberty to share the Gospel.

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God is Good!

It has become a tradition now with me: for eight years, I have had the honor of being a part of the Fires of Evangelism Family Conference in Bartlett, Indiana, with Pastor Elmer Fernández. He and his wife, Martha, have become some of my dearest friends. In the month of June, I once again got to speak to six different ladies sessions. I always ask the Lord to prepare my heart to be a blessing to ladies wherever I go. But as always, I am the one who receives the biggest blessings.

I got to spend a week last month in Ixtapa, with Ulises and Elizabeth, and taught their ladies’ Sunday school class. I love seeing how the Lord is blessing their work.

Vacation Bible School is always a special week, and this year was no exception. Our building was filled with children, and thirty of them came to Christ for Salvation.

At our monthly Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast last Wednesday, we had three special ladies in attendance: a councilwoman; a former nun that one of my daughters won to the Lord when they were teenagers; and her mother, who attended our very first Ladies’ Christmas Banquet in 1999. She has promised to attend again this year.

Please pray for our 17th annual Christmas Banquet, November 20. I am sending the prayer request list with this letter, and ask that you take it very seriously during your prayer time.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan  
Nahum 1:7