Saturday, February 27, 2016

Prayer Letter - February 2016

December, 2015, was a busy flurry of activities. Besides the joy and fun of celebrating Christmas with some of my children and friends, I was privileged to participate in a Family Conference in the city of Tapachula, and to teach in three ladies’ sessions. My daughter, Anna, and her family were also invited to attend, and help with the special music. She and Andrés, and their two older children, Andrew and Debbie, spend many evening hours practicing with their guitar, violin, flute and piano, and their voices blend so beautifully.

While the work in Tapachula  isn’t part of the ministry here in San Cristobal, I must share with you my delight in seeing how those simple country people are true servants of the Lord, beginning with Pastor Bertin de la Torre, and his wife, Rosana. They have a thriving ministry which includes a Bible Institute, jail ministries, and radio ministry…the services were broadcast live every night. On Sunday mornings, they have three services simultaneously…Pastor Bertin preaches, while two of the preachers he has trained preach in the other two services. I thank the Lord for ministries like this and for the honor to have had a part in their Conference.

Returning to Tuxtla, my daughter picked me up at the airport, and we drove straight to Ixtapa, where I enjoyed attending the Israel Conference in the church my son in law, Ulises pastors. It was a special treat getting to fellowship with Bro. Samuel Esquivel and his wife, Alicia. The last day of the Conference, Sunday, the church took up their first Faith Promise offering. There were three saved that morning. And like icing on the cake, my 9 year old grandson, Paul, surrendered to be a missionary to the Jewish people. What a joy to be a part of these growing ministries!

The young people in the church here hosted a Christmas Banquet, especially to reach lost youth. Three of them were saved that evening. I’m thankful for young people who love the Lord and lost souls.

Earlier in December, there was another teen girl who was saved in a Wednesday evening service, and a young man was saved the first of January. In our Sunday evening service on January 17, three people surrendered their lives to full time service. What is such a blessing to this missionary lady is that our church is going forward…even without a pastor. The men in the church are coming together several times a week to pray for the Lord to send us the pastor that He would have us to have. And I ask you to do the same, please.

I rejoice with my son, Tommy, as they celebrated their first service in their new church building on January 31. He and Mona have been holding services in their home since beginning this work over a year ago. His ministry, Compassion Radio, also continues to thrive.

Three new ladies attended our Prayer Breakfast last Wednesday: one is the wife of a doctor that Andrés works with. And another was a policeman’s wife and her friend. She said someone from the church gave her a “breakfast pass.” Instead of invitations to ladies on the police force (or wives of men on the police force) and military women or wives, we have started this year to give out “passes.” You girls know how we love anything that is free…especially a free breakfast at a fancy hotel. Please pray for the Salvation of these 3 ladies.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7