Saturday, June 14, 2014

Prayer letter - June 2014

Dear Friends of México,

I have had the most wonderful two months since the last time I wrote to you. Although traveling can be a challenge, and I miss my home more than words can say, I always come off a trip having received so many blessings. I get to meet new friends, share my woman-heart with other ladies who are also facing their own challenges, and it is my privilege to see works that never cease to amaze me. Let me share those with you:

I got to spend the month of April in Chaparral, NM, where my son, Joel and his wife Margaret and their two daughters have a bi-lingual church: two congregations share the same pastor. This in itself keeps them busy, plus other ministries. I was blessed to get to speak nine times to both the English-speaking, and Spanish-speaking ladies. I don’t know who learned more, them or me.

From the desert, I flew to Guadalajara to participate in the Conference of Bro. Bob Murillo and his wife, Joy. Every year when I return, I see growth, not only in attendance, but also spiritually. The children’s home is so unique, but not free of its challenges. There are about 50 children who live in different homes of church families, ranging in ages from pre-schoolers to teenagers. Thank you, Pastor Bob and Joy, for allowing me to speak seven times, and to enjoy all the challenging messages.

I returned a few days before Mother’s Day, and was invited, along with my daughter, Anna, to speak at the Mother-Daughter Banquet in Ixtapa. The next day we taught the ladies’ Sunday school class. Ulises and Elizabeth are now living on the property where the church and children’s home are located. This is another work that inspires my admiration.

The next weekend I traveled to the city of Iguala, to speak in a two-day Ladies’ Conference, with Pastor Iván Sotelo, and his wife, Eunice. They have two very small children, and have also taken in three little brothers who were abandoned. I spoke five times, including the beautiful banquet that concluded the Conference. I came away so impressed with the vision that this young couple have for the Lord! In only four years since he has pastored there, they have a children’s home, a Christian school, a prison ministry and many more. I know God has many wonderful things in store for them.

 photo imagejpg1.jpg
Mrs. Sloan and Eunice Sotelo

As I was leaving to return home, my ‘phone rang. The voice on the other end of the line was that of my grandson, 7 year old Stewart Knabb. “Stewart, does your Mommie know you’re on the ‘phone?” “Yes, Mimi, she’s right here.” “Oh, then I think I know why you’re calling.” “Mimi, I got saved today, and Daddy is going to baptize me tonight.” Thank you, Jason and Sarah, for training your children to love the Lord.

 photo imagejpg2.jpg
Jason and Sarah Knabb with their children

Here on the home front, I was happy to see a young lady baptized last Sunday by my son, Tommy. The radio ministry provides me an opportunity to speak to thousands of ladies, I’m told, every Friday morning. I got to be at our monthly ladies’ prayer breakfast for the first time since I left back in February. Thursday evenings at 5:00 will find me teaching ladies in my living room.

I love my home, and my ministry here occupies so much of my time, but as long as I am invited, and as long as the Lord gives me strength, I will continue to say “Yes,” to pastors and their wives, if they think I can be a blessing to their ladies.

You certainly are a blessing to me.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7