Thursday, April 22, 2010


A Guest Post, by my daughter Anna

On Sunday night, April 11th, eleven people were baptized after our PM service. It was such a blessing to see these precious people follow the Lord in this step of obedience. I am attaching some photos so you can see. I hope it causes your heart to rejoice as it did ours. Have a wonderful day!


The first 6 people who were baptized are from a family whose two oldest sons (Armando and Marco) came to live in the boys' home here about 3 years ago. Armando and Marco were saved after they came to live here; they have now started a mission in their village about an hour away from San Cristóbal. It was a blessing to see their Daddy and Mama and 4 younger brothers be baptized!

Armando's DaddyArmando's MamaArmando's brother, Juan CarlosArmando's brother, JulioArmando's brother, PedroArmando's brother, Rosendo (when Philip asked him, "Rosendo, have you been saved?" He answered, "Amen!" It was so precious!)Bethsaida, the daughter of a man whose family has only been coming for about one monthJuan, the son of a single mother who comes to our church (Zaremi's younger brother). Juan was saved at camp.Abelardo, who was also saved at campOsmar, a young man who was saved about two months ago. Marisol...precious girl in our youth group.The congregation looking on


Jolene said...

Great story! Praise the Lord for the amazing work He is doing in my hubby's hometown! :)

Garry Wesner said...

Great posting Anna! So are you going to start blogging too???

Billie, I appreciate you and your family taking so much time to help those of us at home know what goes on in the lives of faithful missionaries.