Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Prayer Letter

Dear Friends of México,

I am a missionary. In fact, it’s hard for me to remember life before my missionary days. I’d rather be a missionary than anything else in this world. I know that’s why you’re reading this’re interested in missions. But you’ll have to excuse me this morning…I’m having a “Mimi Moment.” I’m sitting in a hospital room in Jáltipan, Veracruz. My daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Jason Knabb, just went into surgery. She is to deliver little Elisa Faith in a few minutes by C-Section. In fact, if she arrives by the time I finish this letter, I’ll let you know. 14 years ago today, my first granddaughter, Joanna was born…the first of what will be 31 grand-treasures in a few minutes.

I wish you could hear all the things my son, Philip has planned for the future of our church in San Cristóbal. I enjoy watching the excitement of the people, as they are already getting involved in the preparations for the opening of the orphanage God has laid on Philip’s heart. His enthusiasm is certainly contagious, and even as I write, the legal permission will soon be acquired.

Another main event was the mission conference January 7 and 8. We were honored to have Pastor Luis Ramos as our speaker. The Lord used him to inspire and motivate our people to do more for missions than we did last year. We are taking on several new missionaries.

It was a joy to have my son, Tommy, and his wife, Mona, and their five children here over the Christmas holidays. But more than a vacation, their trip was also for the purpose of checking out some possibilities for different ministries. Lord willing, they will be moving to the field some time this year, and among the many ministries God has laid on their hearts, is the desire to begin a radio ministry, establishing the only Baptist radio station in this area. There are men in our church who speak the Chol, Tzotzil, and Tzeltal dialects. So besides reaching the Spanish population, he will also, with the help of these men, be able to minister to the different tribes in our area.

We are seeing people saved and baptized, and broken homes reunited. What a wonderful, rewarding life the Lord has given me!...I just heard little birth cries! I’m crying, too!

Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7

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