Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas day at Mimi's house!

Gaby and Andrew were the first ones up on Christmas morning.

Checking out who the gifts are for

Most of my grand-treasures who were able to be with me on Christmas morning

Tommy and Mona

Andrew and Anna

Ulises and Fizzie

Andrew and Jason singing "Silent Night"

Anna accompanying on the piano

Singing Christmas carols

Ulises' devotion, "The Name of Jesus"

Jason... "The Night Before Christmas" pocho style

The kids enjoying Aunt Fizzie's version of "I Want a Hippopotamos for Christmas!"

Tommy and Mona passed out the gifts

Opening one of my gifts while another of my gifts looks on!

Checking out Jackie's gift

Andrew is happy about his present!

Mona with her gift from me

What did Olivia get?

Tea set for the girls

Show us what's in the bag, Jason!

Merry Christmas, Jason! From Sarah... "I've always wanted a possum for Christmas!"

Jason and Sarah's five beautiful children

Mad Santa (the children played first, and then the adults)

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