Sunday, February 19, 2017

Prayer Letter - February 2017

The relationship I have with most of my readers is missionary – church. But even the church is made up of people who have other relationships. Outside my relationship with the Lord, the most important role I play in this life is that of mother/mother in law/grandmother. So you will see some of that in this prayer letter.

On January 19-22 I spoke 5 times to ladies’ sessions in a Family Conference in Tehuacán, Puebla, hosted by Pastor Fidel Palomo, and his wife, Verónica. My son in law, Ulises Martínez, and my daughter, Elizabeth also participated.

On the 24th, Ulises and “Fizzie” drove me to the bus station, where I waved good bye to them and their three children from the bus that would take me to the airport in Mexico City, for my return home to Chiapas. It would have been just another good bye, except for the fact that this would be our last visit for a long time, as they headed out for deputation.

Ulises and “Fizzie” have literally left all, to serve the Lord. To my surprise, they told me last summer that they had surrendered to go to Israel  as missionaries…surprised, because God has blessed their ministries in Ixtapa…too many to number in this letter. Ulises is an architect and built Fizzie a beautiful house. The pastor and his family that Ulises won and trained, will live in her dream house, and take over his works.  As I waved good bye to them that afternoon, I realized: every material possession they now have, is in their Van.

I’m getting adjusted to their not living an hour away; that phone call: “Mom, we’re coming up to take you out to lunch, and spend the night.”

So this is a prayer letter, in every sense of the word: please pray for my children as they do deputation; and for me as I give my children to the Lord. May He fill this void in my life with my service for Him.

How thankful I am for the joy of staying busy, every minute of my waking hours. I am surrounded by those in my church here, who love me, and see that I am taken care of. And thank the Lord for my daughter, Anna, and her husband, Andrés and their 3 children who live only two hours away.

Another Mimi moment: I have received three wonderful ‘phone calls since the first of the year: three of my little grandchildren, Caleb, Mark, and Olivia called with the same message: “Mimi, I just got saved.” I thank the Lord for my children, who are raising my grandchildren in such a way that they accept Him as their Savior at an early age.

A young deaf man recently accepted the Lord during a hospital visit of two ladies from my Sunday school class; and a young woman was saved when I gave the invitation at a baby shower where I spoke.

Lord willing, the first of March, I will begin my travels for the year. The Lord is so Good to me…putting kind people in my path everywhere I go. May He put someone in your path today who will be a blessing to you, and to whom you can be a blessing in return.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan

Nahum 1:7

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Humble wife said...

Dear Mrs. Sloan, that was me at the walmart in El Paso. I was so surprised to see someone in real life that I only have "known" on line. I love visiting your blog and am ever so sorry that I never comment. You clearly have left an impression on me because I knew you right away.

Praying that your work continues for the Kingdom,