Sunday, April 10, 2016

Prayer Letter - April 2016

Greetings from Chaparral, NM, where I am enjoying family time with my son, Joel and his wife, Margaret and my two beautiful granddaughters. Once a year I try to travel to the USA to spend time with my children. Since they’re in ministry, there is always lots of the Lord’s work to do, mixed in with family fun. 

But I have been receiving wonderful reports from “my” ladies. I never cease to be amazed at how well they carry on our ladies’ ministries without me. 

The month of February was filled with blessings in the Church in San Cristobal. My son in law, AndrĂ©s, and another young man started a “bus” (van) route. The first Sunday morning, there were 30 who rode the van, and 4 ladies were saved. The young father of a family who rode that morning, walked up to me, and said, “I used to attend your Vacation Bible School when I was a little boy.” Don’t give up, Sunday school teacher, although your students are little children.

Our prayer breakfasts remain to be the highlight of the month for our ladies. In the month of February, the mayor’s wife, who is a believer, gave a sweet testimony of how God answers prayers. Also that same morning, 2 military wives (one is the wife of an Air Force officer); and a policeman’s wife attended. These are the special ladies who are guests of honor, not only at our prayer breakfasts, but will be also at our annual Ladies’ Christmas Banquet on November 18. Every breakfast is attended by lost ladies. I teach a lesson, and give an invitation. Thank you for your prayers for this delightful ministry.

Since my last letter to you, the ladies and I have started a wonderful, exciting new ministry: the last Saturday of each month, we visit the nursing home. At our February breakfast, a former First Lady attended. She was saved at our Banquet last year, and is also the Supervisor of the Nursing Home. As she left, the Lord spoke to my heart, and impressed me to start a regular ministry there, since my friend has given us perfect liberty to minister to these elderly, forgotten people. So the following Saturday, several of us ladies went there to visit. I gave a very brief devotional, and asked each of our ladies to go personally to each one, and witness to them, and visit with them. There were four precious souls saved that morning. Now, we will never see fruits, as far as their becoming pastors or pastors’ wives. Some can’t even leave the home. But they are precious souls who now have a beautiful, eternal home in Heaven. Will you remember this ministry in your prayers? Thank you.

On March 15, I flew to Reno, NV to attend a Mission Conference in Fallon, where my son in law, Steve Miller is pastor. Since three of my sons were the speakers, and since two of my daughters also attended, I invited myself to accompany them. Besides getting to spend precious time with six of my eight children, and 13 of my grandchildren, I enjoyed seeing how God is blessing Steve and Ruthie, and the Victory Baptist Church since they went there just over a year ago. I got to speak for a few minutes in the Spanish ladies’ Sunday school class, and gave my testimony Saturday night during their International Dinner.  The next morning, on Easter Sunday, Steve baptized two precious ladies. And everyone was thrilled when they learned that they had almost doubled their Faith Promise goal.

I pray the Lord will give you your best day ever!

Your friend,
Mrs. Billie Sloan

Nahum 1:7

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