Saturday, August 8, 2015

Prayer Letter - June 2015

I sit here this morning in my beautiful home…at least, beautiful to me…an example of the grace of God. I just returned home last night from a trip, and this letter could be full of my telling you how God graciously cares for me and loves me, just because of things that happened on that one trip! I have absolutely no doubt that He loves me. He loves you, too.

What an exciting two months I’ve had since my last visit with you! Where shall I start? Our pastor, Emilio has baptized several converts, and you should see our beautiful outside baptistery which a brick mason and his son in our church “remodeled.” It even has stairs leading up to it, so the men don’t have to put chairs inside and outside it for the candidates to climb.

One of our precious “First Ladies,” who was saved several years ago in one of our Banquets went home to Heaven May 5. She assured one of our ladies several weeks before, that she was ready to die, and was sure she was going to Heaven. During our last visit, her daughter told us, “Mom told me she is not going to purgatory.” She is a result of your prayers for our Banquets.  

And speaking of Ladies’ Banquets:  my niece, Tammie, who is the wife of Henry Gonzalez, missionaries in El Salvador, wrote to me on May 6 to inform me that they would be having their first meeting that day to organize their first Ladies’ Banquet for the same purpose of reaching those ladies who would otherwise possibly not be reached. How encouraging!

My daughter, Elizabeth, was our speaker for our Mother-Daughter Banquet here this year. She did a superb job. I’m so proud of her and Ulises, who continue to faithfully serve in the little town of Ixtapa. I make it a point to visit there every couple of months, just to see how God is using them.

It was an “unusual” honor to have been invited to speak at the Mother-Daughter luncheon in Fallon, Nevada. “Unusual,” because that’s where my daughter, Ruthie, and her husband, Steve Miller are now living. Rock of Ages Baptist Church called him to be their pastor back in the spring, and besides accepting their invitation to speak to their ladies, I wanted to see first-hand the work that they were so excited about. After serving the Lord as missionaries in México for over twelve years, truly, they are adjusting to life in the USA, and their people, many retired naval officers, but also young military couples…seem to love them.

Another one of our First Ladies…the title we give to wives, or ladies of the families of mayors and those in prominent positions…attended our monthly Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast on May 27. She was also at church that night. She invited our ladies to visit the Nursing Home here, where she serves on the staff. So last Saturday two ladies went to minister there.

It was so exciting to have just returned from attending the graduation service in San Luis Potosí, of one of the young men in our church. He graduated from the Bible College there, where Bro. Luis Ramos is pastor. Please pray that the Lord will use Octavio’s life in a very special way.

And I pray He will use you today as you serve Him.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan

Nahum 1:7

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