Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Prayer letter - April 2014

Greetings from the desert, where I am enjoying spending special time with my son, Joel, and his wife, Margaret and their two beautiful daughters. I just returned from a week’s visit with my son, David and his wife, Jolene, and their five precious children. I got to meet four month-old Mackenzie for the first time. I appreciate the opportunity my children give me to serve in their ministries. In Santa Clara, California, where David and his family serve in North Valley Baptist Church, it was my honor to be able to get to teach in three of David’s college classes. He also interviewed me for a four-part series on his radio program, Focus on Missions.

I know you will rejoice with me over the Salvation of two of my grandchildren during the month of March: Brianna, David and Jolene’s little girl was saved on March 2; and Benjamin Miller was saved on his Mommy’s birthday, March 20. In his words, “I got born again.” I thank the Lord for my children whose training makes my grandchildren’s hearts tender toward the Holy Spirit.

What an honor it was for me to be able to travel to Toronto, Canada, on February 26, and speak four times in a ladies’ conference for Pastor Roberto and Naomi Armendáriz. They have a thriving work among the Hispanics. I was treated like royalty, and even given a tour of Niagara Falls the day before I left.

From Canada, I flew to Querétaro to attend the 10th Anniversary Conference of the church Steve and Ruthie Miller started. I was present in a few of those first services, held in the garage of their house. What a blessing to see the growth of this work, spiritually as well as in attendance.

Three of the ladies from the church there attended our Ladies’ Banquet last year, and they were so challenged, they spoke to Ruthie about starting the same ministry in their church. So on March 17, about ten ladies and I met for coffee, and I held an orientation meeting for them. Excitement was at an all-time high, on their part as well as on mine, as I shared with them the burden I have for these special ladies. Please pray for Ruthie and her ladies as they will be having their first Ladies’ Banquet in November.

Although I’m unable to be at home for all the ladies’ Bible studies around the corner from my house, Dali continues to faithfully open her home every week to these lost ladies. Flor has been attending faithfully with her sister, who was saved a few months ago. And on February 27, Flor was saved.

Our monthly Ladies’ Prayer Breakfasts continue right on schedule, as the ladies in the church cover my responsibilities in my absence. I am receiving wonderful reports of this ministry, which is for the purpose of praying for “women in authority” or wives of men in authority. We also treat military ladies, and wives of military men to a free breakfast, while they hear the Gospel.

I am blessed to be who I am. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone else on earth.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7

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