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Prayer letter - February 2013

Mission work, like any other work, often follows a routine; like my weekly Bible study, mainly for lost ladies; and my Friday morning ladies’ radio program. But sometimes, right in the middle of routine and normal life, God drops a special, unexpected blessing. Yesterday, while shopping for groceries, I received a call from my daughter, Sarah. She and Jason are missionaries in Jáltipan, Veracruz, about four and a half hours from my home in San Cristóbal. She called to let me know that two of their six children, Kenny and Jacque, were saved that morning. What a blessing to know that sixteen of my grandchildren have trusted Jesus as their Savior.

For over two years now, I have been praying, along with Sarah, for her to be able to have a Pastors’ Wives’ Conference. The Lord laid this desire on her heart to be a blessing and an encouragement to the ladies in her surrounding area. On January 24, God allowed her to see that dream come true. She rented a “palapa”…a tabernacle of sorts…in a beautiful garden setting. It was so well organized. She also invited her sister, Anna, to speak. I was so proud of my two daughters: Sarah is an excellent organizer, and as a mother of six, has been gifted with the virtue of patience. I watched as she calmly drove several van loads of ladies from her home to the nearby conference area, through the pouring rain. Jason entertained almost as many fathers and children as Sarah did wives and mothers. He prepared a delicious spaghetti dinner, complete with salad, French bread, and dessert, for the ladies and their families. Between sessions, the men brought in fresh coffee and sweet bread. There were 53 ladies who attended this first conference, nine of them wives of pastors orfull-time workers, and members of their churches. This was the first conference Sarah had ever hosted. Everything was so lovely. The ladies sat like eager little birds, wrapped in shawls anxious to learn what Anna and I taught.

I saw a talent I didn’t know Anna possessed. She is an excellent speaker, and was able to hold the attention of the ladies.

I love visiting my children’s works. I always try to be a blessing and an encouragement to them, but I always leave feeling like I am the one who was challenged and encouraged. Please pray for Jason and Sarah, and the vision he has for this very unusual work. It’s “off the beaten path,” in a rather obscure area of México. But God has given him and Sarah a burden and love for those precious people.

And this afternoon finds me in Ixtapa, in the home of my daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Ulises. Even as I write, he is spending time with the men he is training to carry on the work he started three years ago, and is extending the work my husband left over thirty years ago.

Last month ended with our monthly Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast on January 29, where I challenged ladies to balance their lives. To the lost ladies, I spoke about the futility of balancing our sins with good works. Only Jesus can step in that side of the scale.

I’m afraid my mother-grandmother heart was revealed in this letter. You moms will agree with me, that our first and most important ministry is our home.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7

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