Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prayer Letter - February 2013

Two months of this New Year have flown by. Time is a treasure God gives to us, and one of my desires for 2013 is to spend mine in such a way that lives will be changed, and God will be glorified.

The months of December and January were busy ones for me:

Besides the fact that 5 of my children and their families (30 altogether) were here for Christmas, on the 6th – 8th of December, I was invited to participate in a Home School Conference in my son in law, Ulises Martinez’s church in the little town of Ixtapa. What a blessing it was to sit outside in the cool mornings, and enjoy a relaxing breakfast that the ladies had prepared before beginning the sessions! Truly this is one of the most thriving, remarkable works I have ever seen.

Here in San Cristóbal, on the 15th, I was honored to have been invited to speak at a Widow’s Breakfast. Do you think God has a special purpose for widows? I’m thankful He does, and I shared those honors with my friends, using Ruth and Naomi as examples for us.

What an amazing ministry our radio station has been! Every week people, and at times families, visit our church because of having heard the broadcasts. Alicia was one of those ladies who not only attended my Sunday school class on December 16, but was saved that morning. One of the highlights of my week is my Friday morning program for ladies.

What a Happy Birthday gift I received on December 30: my son, Tommy, got to baptize his and Mona’s little daughter, Esther.

It is a joy to have Tommy come in during the week, to tell me of the men he has led to the Lord: like a man whose wife has been attending for a while. He came out for Saturday morning visitation, and went into Tommy’s office and was saved. Fifteen minutes later, he was out with Tommy and the men on visitation!

On January 18, God sent Andrés and Anna, my daughter, a precious gift: little Thomas Gregory, named after his two grandfathers, was born. Thank the Lord for my 37th grandchild!

At our Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast January 30, we had a new First Lady to attend. She is the wife of a former mayor of a little village where our church started a work last year. Her heart was touched that we would honor those ladies in special ways. The wife of an army colonel also made the same comment.

Things accomplished? No, I have only shared ways God has proved His faithfulness in the work here, and in my life. I do so little for Him, Who gave His all for me. But I long to do more for Him this year than I did last year.

Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Mrs. Sloan, I love reading each and every one of your updates. I have read your book twice and thank the Lord for what He has taught me and how He has encouraged me through you.
May the Lord continue to use you this year to bring many more to know Christ.

Tori said...

What a wonderful example of faithfulness you are. God bless you Mrs. Sloan!