Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prayer Letter - December 2011

JOHN 3:16

Dear friends and loved ones,

Because I write this "prayer letter" to you every two months, each morning, during my quiet time, I write down things concerning my ministry that I feel might be a blessing and an encouragement to you.  This helps me to better focus, for the most part, on the positive things in my life.  Any negative report to you is so that you can know better how to pray for me.

Looking over my list of "things to report" during the months of October and November, I see nothing but positive!  And at just 6 days away from my 68th Birthday, I'd say "that's just like God."  I would like to "brag on God," as my husband, who has been in Heaven now for seven years, used to say.

Two of my grandsons, Josh and Sam, were saved and baptized during the month of October.  These two little brothers are blessed to have parents like Philip and Liz, who have trained them in the ways of the Lord.  What a blessing it is to go to one of Ulises and Elizabeth's three churches once a month and teach their ladies' Thursday Bible classes!  They will soon be moving the church in Ixtapa out to the property that God has provided for them, and where their orphanage will be located.  Souls continue to be saved through their hospital ministry, and one Sunday I was privileged to watch as he baptized a young military sergeant and his wife.  Lety was among the six military wives we honored at our Banquet this year.  Each lady received a long-stem rose and a Bible.

What an honor it was to be part of the Spanish Ladies' Spectacular in Hammond, IN, this year!  Pastor DeAnda and Ellie treated me like a queen.  My daughters, Sarah, Anna, and Ruthie with baby Caleb added a "family reunion/girls-time-out" flavor as we made unforgettable memories.  Thank you, Pastor, for helping to provide this for us.

On November 16, my son, Tommy and his wife, Mona, and their five children arrived.  They have rented a house, and plan to start a Christian radio ministry.  They're already involved in every part of the work here.

It is a joy to see little souls saved in my Saturday children's classes.  Keeps me young, too!  Remember Jesús, the father of the little girl who was killed down the street from our class?  He was recently saved in Ulises' church!  Thank you for your prayers.

Every month new ladies are attending, and being reached with the Gospel through our ladies' prayer breakfasts.  This ministry is actually for the purpose of praying for our annual Ladies' Christmas Banquet, and all the First Ladies of our town, as well as neighboring towns.  We encourage these special ladies to attend, so they can hear their names called out in prayer.

At this year's banquet, we set a record attendance of 98 ladies, including five First Ladies.  For the first time we honored military wives.  There were six present.  Pastor James Merlo did a splendid job preaching a very clear salvation message.  I'm happy to report that there were seven ladies saved, including two First Ladies, and two military wives.  One of these ladies was at church on Sunday with her sergeant husband.  Thank you for your prayers.  We're already making big plans for November 16, 2012's Banquet.

Another unexpected result of our banquet this year was the salvation of Javier.  Javier was a waiter in a restaurant where our family used to eat out when our children were all at home, many years ago.  He has since been appointed to serve as City Councilman.  This summer I was privileged to win his daughter to the Lord.  She attended our Banquet this year for the first time, and was so touched by the presentation of the orphans we invite every year, that she convinced her (in her words) "hard-hearted Dad" to accompany her to the orphanage in the nearby town.  Because of his position in our city, she wanted him to see if there was anything he could do to help these children.  She said he melted, as the children sang and quoted Scriptures for them.  But the clincher was when one of the little girls crawled up into his lap.  It was easy for Pastor Carlos, the head of the orphanage, to then win Javier to the Lord!

I've talked too long, but as I look back over my letter, wondering what I could possibly leave out, I tell myself, "How could I ever brag too much on the Lord?"

Your friend, who wishes you all of God's blessings as we approach a New Year!

Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7


Michael Kane said...

We always enjoy reading of your life in Mexico and also that of your family. Do Ulises and Elizabeth have a blog or website so we can stay up to date with them? Thanks so much and God bless you.
Michael and Patty Kane
PS I have found blogs for I think all of the other family members.

~Ruth said...

Wonderful prayer letter...I love you, Mom! I thank the Lord for the privilege of being your daughter. Night! ~Ruthie