Monday, April 4, 2011

February 2011 Prayer Letter

Written in February, but just now being posted by Jolene, who gave birth to her 4th baby January 26th and is, only now, catching up with her to do list!
Dear Friends of México,
How exciting to look outside my window, and see snow! It reminds me of two things: my sins, which are forgiven, and how far away I am from the warmer climate of my beloved home in Chiapas.
As I sit here, I have burdens: the spouse of one of my children, who has been in for a biopsy this morning, possibly has cancer. Another is traveling on dangerous freeways after an ice storm last night. A daughter is recuperating from the sorrow of a miscarriage, and loss of a much-prayed-for baby. But the joy outweighs the burden, as I rest content in knowing that all three of these families are serving the Lord exactly where they should be. What a joy to hear another son last night on the phone, “Mom, we’re exactly in the center of God’s will.” There truly is “no greater joy.”
In case you haven’t heard, I’m proud to announce the arrival of little Micah James Sloan, born to David and Jolene on Wednesday, January 26. Although he only weighed 6 pounds, he’s healthy and as perfect as any little sinner can be. As I watched this little one come into the world, I prayed that one day we would also be celebrating his 2nd birth, like we did for three of my grandchildren during the past two months: Gaby, Andrew, and Sophie.
Although I have left my ladies’ ministries in Chiapas for a few months, they continue thriving through the faithful ministry of my daughter in law, Liz. I am getting very wonderful reports from home about the things the ladies are learning, not only through her teaching of the book of James, but also from the very practical applications she is having them carry out. Last week she held our monthly ladies’ prayer breakfast, and she had a record attendance of thirty. Eight widows were honored, including a former mayor’s daughter whose father served during the ‘40’s.
Well, this is a prayer letter, so I ask your prayers for my safety during the next few months, as I travel to Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and California, speaking to ladies’ meetings in different churches, some in Spanish, and others in English. Most of these will be road trips, which I thoroughly enjoy. It gives me time alone with the Lord. Pray also that I will be a blessing to these precious ladies wherever I go. Thank you, Pastors, who have invited me. Thank you, also to my sons who have called pastors for me, and set up the appointments. I want to be a blessing to your ladies.
You certainly are a blessing to me.
Your friend,
Billie Sloan
Nahum 1:7

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